Sunday, February 13, 2011

When an Adam Meets an Ant

How many times have you had a song get stuck in your head?  It's a funny thing because if you like the song you don't really seem to mind.  My brain has been rotating between two different songs (by the same man) this weekend.  I had heard of this man growing up -- he has one of those names that you don't easily forget.  I didn't hear his music until recently, though, and loved the songs I heard.  These two songs are just easy to enjoy.  He is funny and very expressive and fun to watch -- his lyrics are hilarious and I just really enjoy these two songs.  Since they have been bouncing around in my head for two days I thought I'd share them -- who knows, maybe you will get a kick out of them too.

So, without further ado -- ladies and gentleman please welcome Adam Ant!!
(And the crowd cheers! LOL)

Adam Ant's "Strip"

"Desperate but Not Serious"

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