Monday, August 6, 2012

Wake Up Call

Last week an old college acquaintance suddenly passed away and a friend's father passed away.  Death always makes you stop and think. Jacob and I were both raised in church and we were raised to pray before meals thanking God for the many blessings He has given us.  It's funny how life can catch up with you and God gets put on the back burner.

Every evening I have the boys each pick a book to read before bed.  One night last week Logan brought me their Children's Bible which is full of bible stories and said, "Mom, we haven't read this in a while."  He was right. So, we started again from the very beginning and made a deal to read one bible story every evening before bed along with two books that the boys pick out. The boys, Logan especially, liked this idea. Jacob and I talked and we are going to start praying before dinner and also teach the boys to not only pray but to be thankful for all they have.

Last week was like a wake up call. We aren't kids anymore and we're raising three beautiful children. I AM thankful for these three little blessing and even more thankful that they are healthy and happy.  Sure, there are medical issues but nothing life threatening.  We need to remember to thankful every day because things could have easily been different. We want our children to grow up in church like we did and we want them know God.  I want to raise them to be thankful, to be giving and caring, and I want them to have that sense of peace and comfort when some one they know is called home or when life just doesn't seem fair. My grandfather passed away over a year ago and Logan still talks about him quite a bit.  He always, "I'll see Great Grandpa Jack someday when I get to heaven."

Life is a journey--and I want my children's journey to be beautiful!

Thursday, August 2, 2012


In my house we listen to music all the time.  If we're not watching TV then there is music playing.  We are big fans of music!  I love so many different kinds of music and I'm not that picky about it.  Music is music and I love most of it.  I especially like music that has a great beat, sounds extra heavy, or has a catchy tune. It is always exciting when we discover new music.  I have already posted about NERO and I apologize for posting two entries in a row pertaining to music.  I want to share two other bands/musicians I have discovered this week.

The first one is Childish Gambino, who is actually Donald Glover (Troy from Community). I remember the day after we had Kaitlyn, Nov. 15th, 2011, and I was laying in the hospital holding her and we were watching Conan and Donald Glover came out and started rapping and singing to this really fun, electronic-type music.  I loved it!  Then, we came home and I forgot about it . . . until this week when I heard another song by him. I went online and looked him up and listened to other songs.  A lot of his lyrics are really clever . . . and some are really vulgar, but I love his sound!

The second band I want to blog about is an Icelandic Folk Indie band called Of Monsters and Men. I love their accents and their cool musical sound. I discovered them through a friend and loved them the minute I heard them. They have a really great sound and incorporate instruments that aren't really used in America anymore--accordion and trumpet are used in nearly every song along with guitars and drums.  It makes for a really cool sound!!

Here are some songs by these two.  Enjoy!