Thursday, June 28, 2012

Social . . . Arguing??

Facebook.  It's such a big thing.  Most of the people we know have an account.  It can be great!  It lets me not only stay in touch with friends and family who live in other towns, but it allows me to see pictures they post of their children.  When some one is hurt, ill, or has something major going on in their lives people will post prayer requests on facebook.  You can receive parenting advice from friends--any kind of advice from friends.  Yes, Facebook can be a wonderful thing.

It can also be a pain in my back side. People will post hateful things and other people will get offended and comment.  99% of the time an argument follows--an argument on Facebook.  Wow.  It makes adults act like mean children.  What I really don't understand is people who have children on facebook who see their hateful statuses.  We don't all have to agree but calling each other names isn't the answer.

Sometimes I really hate facebook.

It looks like I'll be deleting some more people.  Life is dramatic and stressful enough without having to deal with arguments on facebook.  People always shake their heads and say, "What happened to the world" or it's a crazy world we live in."  The world isn't the problem--the problem is people.

And sadly, most people never change.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Little House

When I was a little girl we lived in a little two bedroom house.  My brother and I shared a room for 10 years.  We did everything together and I have so many great memories with him from my childhood. The house was so small that we got to spend a lot of family time together. Then, when I was 13, my parents bought a bigger place.  My brother and I both had our own rooms, which was good since I was 13 and he was 10.  I will always be thankful for that little two bedroom house we lived in while we were growing up, though.

Now, I am thankful for the little house Jacob and I have.

So many people have told us that we need a bigger place, but the truth is, I love our little place.  We are always together as a family because of its size. The boys have their room, Kaitlyn has her room, we have two bathrooms and a double car garage. We have what we need--it just isn't a huge place!  I  love living in our little place where you bump into each other walking down the hall and are forced to sit close together because the living room isn't huge.  My boys are constantly telling us that they love our house and they never want to move.  

I agree with them! I love our little place and all the memories we have made here!!
Logan eating lunch

Here's to many more memories in our little house!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Weekend

We had a busy weekend in the Astley house. Friday evening we went to a surprise party for my cousin.  My boys received the honor of getting to spray him with silly string when he arrived and everyone said, "Surprise!"  They LOVED that.  After spraying him they ran around and sprayed each other.  As a mom, I loved sitting and watching them chase each other with silly string flying everywhere and laughter filling my ears.  It is one of my favorite sounds.

On Saturday we cleaned the boys' room and moved furniture around.  We organized and de-cluttered and the room looks great! The boys were so excited about it.  Our plan now is to get them some little desks.

Yesterday was Father's Day. We bought Jacob a new OKC Thunder shirt and a picture gift.  The boys wanted to make him a cake so we made a Batman & Robin cookie cake.  I always try to make a meal that Jacob wants on Father's Day so we made homemade pizza for dinner and Logan watched Indiana Jones with Jacob.  We tried to make it a good day and let him know just how special he is to us.  He is a wonderful father.  He helps out with the kids all the time. He is very involved and always spends time with the kids when he is home.  They are going to have so many wonderful memories of fun things they did with their daddy when they are grown--and I love that!
Jacob received a really sweet card from my parents wishing him a happy father's day and my mom wrote about how thankful she is to have such a wonderful son-in-law who is such a great father to her grandchildren.  It made him feel even more special and loved.

Overall, I think he had a good Father's Day and we had a good weekend. We always enjoy the family time that we get.

The photo gift we made for Jacob.  The frames spell "DAD." 

Jacob holding the cookie cake the boys made for him.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Adventures Of A Wannabe Supermom!

Today has been an interesting one to say the least.  It has "sitcom" smeared all over it!

First, I got up at 5:00 this morning with Kaitlyn and made a pot of coffee.  After pouring coffee into my mug I grabbed the creamer out of the refrigerator and poured some in my coffee.  I wasn't paying attention when I shoved the creamer back into the fridge against the jug with the spout that we keep tea in.  I later discovered that the creamer had pressed on the spout handle and tea had leaked all over the bottom shelf of the fridge.

I cleaned it up.

Later, I was in the living room and saw a huge spider on the wall.  It wasn't poisonous, but a spider is a spider. I do NOT like them (creepy, crawly little nasties!) I grabbed one of my flip flops and started to smash it.  I don't know about you, but when I'm doing things like this my heart is racing and if the spider moves I squeal like a spoiled little girl.
The spider moved.
I squealed.
Logan giggled.

I went in the garage and grabbed Jacob's huge container of bug spray with the spray handle and started spraying the spider with it.  It has great aim so the spray mostly covered him and only a little hit the wall.  I was spraying when suddenly, of course, the handle broke.  I figured that was enough and the spider was stunned enough that I could now smash it without it lunging at me.

So, I smashed it.
Then I set the bug spray in the kitchen and went to clean up my mess.  I forgot about the bug spray.  About 30 minutes later I went back into the kitchen to find that the bug spray had a hole in it and had leaked all over the kitchen floor.  Yuck!  I cleaned up that mess and thought about how funny this day has been.

You will never hear me say, "I'm bored."  At least not anytime soon, anyway. ;)