Saturday, February 28, 2015

You're Super!

The laundry basket outside the boys' room is overflowing.  I typically do (on average) three loads a day and yet I still can't seem to manage to get caught up. 

I clean the kitchen and living room daily, most days two or three times. By bedtime it's a mess again.  Some days it feels like a losing battle. 

I get up early to have a little time to myself to read, work out, etc. before my children wake up.  Once they wake up it's like a gang of baby birds wanting, needing, or asking questions nonstop.  Lately, they have been getting up earlier than usual and the time to myself that I so look forward to seems to be MIA. 

I think the pile of dirty laundry has multiplied as I've typed!  

You get it.  As a mother I know that we wear similar shoes! 

You invest all of your time and energy into your children and spouse. You listen to your spouse every day after work as he talks about his day.  You offer words of encouragement or tell him he's being too hard on himself.  You remind him that you appreciate his hard work and all he does to support you and your children.  
You try to make dinner while helping two children with their homework at the same time.  You spend extra time raising a special needs child.  Helping him with everything he needs help with, getting him to appointments and therapies, meeting with others who are involved with his health, education, life. 

You fill out applications, you pay the bills, you call and handle things when something goes wrong or something needs to be dealt with. You clean the house, cook the meals, and iron the clothes.You get up in the middle of the night with a sick child. 

You encourage your children and you scold them.  You feel like a nag because they aren't listening even though you've asked them to pick up their dirty underwear three times already.  It's still there. A wad of red and black heaped over beside the desk chair.

You don't get a vacation from this job.  You don't get nights and weekends off.  That's okay, though, because you know it's all worth it.  However, there are days when you're up at 5:00 to have time to yourself and your children awaken early and want breakfast.  You tell them to go back to sleep, but they're already dressed and wide awake.  You're not sure why, but it seems they just want to sit and stare at you until you get up and help them with breakfast.  There are days when so much time and energy goes into cleaning, laundry, and your family that you're exhausted, but you feel there is nothing to show for it.  You wonder if you're wasting your time because even though you've done 5 loads of laundry today, it is still overflowing.  Your child does something to make you wonder if you're a bad parent. The list goes on and on.  

I want to take this opportunity to say that you ARE doing a fantastic job.  We all need to be reminded of this, especially on days when we feel under appreciated and last in line. It is a difficult job, but you're a pro at it. Imagine what would happen to your family if you weren't there doing all that you do?  You ARE needed and you're doing an awesome job! 

We all need to be reminded of this from time to time.  Hold your heads high, moms!  Know that you truly are a Super Mom!  

I'm off to conquer the dreaded villain in my hallway who is disguised as a stinky pile of laundry!  Tighten your capes, moms, and go be super! 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Friendship Is A Gift

Friendships are a gift.

These are people who CHOOSE to love you.  You weren't forced on them by blood or marriage.  They chose you.  (How cool is that!)  We so often forget this and treat them as far less than gifts.

The struggle is real.  (I couldn't resist using that line!)  Female relationships can be so difficult.  We just tend to be so emotional.  One thing I have learned is that some are more emotional than others.

We all have friends who are know-it-alls.  We all have friends who make everything about themselves, get offended about things that have nothing to do with them, or give us the silent treatment.  We have friends who never have anything positive to say or have expectations that are just too high.

Ladies, we are adults.  Why is it that so many grown women still act so immature?  Who has the time or the energy to behave this way?

I have two friends, both older than me, who have experienced EVERY mood I could possibly have.  They have never gotten upset with me, never made me feel bad, and never made things that I shared with them about themselves. They never tell me what to do, never criticize me, and never take my moods personally. They are always there no matter what is going on in their lives and they make me feel as if I am some one special.

Female relationships can be complicated, but they don't have to be.  Is it really so hard to just be there for each other, to love each other, and to not get bent out of shape over things (especially things that have nothing to do with you?)  Life is really too short for that.

I am no one special, but these two friends make me feel as if I AM someone special.  I have also been blessed with many other great friends who have proven themselves to be just that--great friends.  I am blessed in the friend department, that is for sure!

My prayer is that I am as great of a friend to them as they are to me (and that I make them feel just as special)!

Who do you have in your life who lifts you up or makes you feel as if you're someone special (every single day)?

Cherish and nurture the positive friendships, ladies! Tell them thank you and never forget that these great friendships are gifts (and should be treated as such)!