Monday, October 22, 2012

The Game of Life (Isn't Always Fun)

The past couple of months have been nothing like we imagined they would be.  Kaitlyn got sick and ended up in the hospital. Alex was sick last week (ironically he got sick exactly one month from the day we brought Kaitlyn home from the hospital) and we were in and out of the ER and doctor's office with him.  He is FINALLY starting to feel better after being ill with a high fever for a week.  Kaitlyn is now fussy and snotty, sneezing and coughing all over us. Logan is complaining of a pain in his lower tummy which we may have to get checked out.  I just picked up Logan from school because he doesn't feel well. I have my own health junk going on and it's like we're trapped in The Game Of Life and we keep landing on all the wrong squares.  Our fridge is leaking and the toilet in our small bathroom is spraying water from the pipe and walls are separating and things are falling apart and breaking.  We have bone specialist appointments coming up and quite frankly I am sick of doctors and hospitals, specialists and wish all my kiddos could be well for an extended period of time.  As a mother you try to stay positive and encouraging.  You realize one day that every single day is filled with trying to catch up on laundry, which never seems to happen, and cleaning the house.  The kids can't seem to stay well and you know more surgeries for at least one of your kiddos is in the not too distant future. Money seems to go out as quickly as it comes in.  After a certain amount of time you find yourself locked in the bathroom crying and pep-talking yourself into pulling it together and sucking it up.  It is what it is and you just have to deal with it.  Crying about it isn't going to change anything. You pull yourself together and step outside with a smile and get back to the laundry, messy house, and sick kids.  Some days I wonder if it is always going to be this way. Is that bad? Don't get me wrong, I love my husband and my kids more than anything in this world and I am so happy with my little family.  It's all the other junk I am growing tired of!

This morning Alex was very emotional.  He hadn't been to school in a week and has been so sick and he just wasn't ready to go back. He cried and clung to me and I told him that his friends missed him and were looking forward to seeing him and that he was going to have a great day.  By the time we got to school he was fine, but it's always hard on me. I'm sure it's hard on him to miss so much and then suddenly be thrown back in the middle of his crazy schedule.

I have heard people talk about life as being in a boat surrounded by a vast ocean, struggling alone to try and paddle your little boat to shore.  This past week (and last month while Kaitlyn was in the hospital) I was reminded of all the great people in our lives. All the friends who have become like family to us here in Edmond and our parents who called and emailed and came up to help. Friends who helped with the kids and brought us food, family members who live in other towns but came to see us and bring Kaitlyn gifts while she was in the hospital. People who have become a constant in our lives.  This morning I realized that most of my friends are in the same boat that I am in--we're all paddling together.  Makes it a little less overwhelming in the long-run.

So, as my best friend would say, take a deep breath.  Life is always throwing curve balls--let's be sure we're ready for them. ;)