Thursday, June 21, 2012

Little House

When I was a little girl we lived in a little two bedroom house.  My brother and I shared a room for 10 years.  We did everything together and I have so many great memories with him from my childhood. The house was so small that we got to spend a lot of family time together. Then, when I was 13, my parents bought a bigger place.  My brother and I both had our own rooms, which was good since I was 13 and he was 10.  I will always be thankful for that little two bedroom house we lived in while we were growing up, though.

Now, I am thankful for the little house Jacob and I have.

So many people have told us that we need a bigger place, but the truth is, I love our little place.  We are always together as a family because of its size. The boys have their room, Kaitlyn has her room, we have two bathrooms and a double car garage. We have what we need--it just isn't a huge place!  I  love living in our little place where you bump into each other walking down the hall and are forced to sit close together because the living room isn't huge.  My boys are constantly telling us that they love our house and they never want to move.  

I agree with them! I love our little place and all the memories we have made here!!
Logan eating lunch

Here's to many more memories in our little house!

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