Thursday, August 2, 2012


In my house we listen to music all the time.  If we're not watching TV then there is music playing.  We are big fans of music!  I love so many different kinds of music and I'm not that picky about it.  Music is music and I love most of it.  I especially like music that has a great beat, sounds extra heavy, or has a catchy tune. It is always exciting when we discover new music.  I have already posted about NERO and I apologize for posting two entries in a row pertaining to music.  I want to share two other bands/musicians I have discovered this week.

The first one is Childish Gambino, who is actually Donald Glover (Troy from Community). I remember the day after we had Kaitlyn, Nov. 15th, 2011, and I was laying in the hospital holding her and we were watching Conan and Donald Glover came out and started rapping and singing to this really fun, electronic-type music.  I loved it!  Then, we came home and I forgot about it . . . until this week when I heard another song by him. I went online and looked him up and listened to other songs.  A lot of his lyrics are really clever . . . and some are really vulgar, but I love his sound!

The second band I want to blog about is an Icelandic Folk Indie band called Of Monsters and Men. I love their accents and their cool musical sound. I discovered them through a friend and loved them the minute I heard them. They have a really great sound and incorporate instruments that aren't really used in America anymore--accordion and trumpet are used in nearly every song along with guitars and drums.  It makes for a really cool sound!!

Here are some songs by these two.  Enjoy!

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