Saturday, July 28, 2012


So, today has been a really weird day.  I am exhausted because the princess isn't sleeping well at night.  I am up and down with her all night.  Logan has an ear infection and pink eye and Jacob is sick with some respiratory thing.  Between being so tired, taking care of sick people, and taking care of two hyper and healthy children a person needs an escape.  So, I grabbed the headphones, plugged them into my lap top, and listened to some music.  I have heard one song  by the band Nero and love it, so I thought I'd check out more music by them. They are a British electronic group.  Why is it that Europe has such great music??  Anyway, I listened to other songs by them and really loved them! They will definitely be added to my iPod soon!

You have probably heard small parts of the song "Promises" in commercials. I first heard this song maybe a year ago and loved it.  If you haven't heard this song you should check it out. Other great songs are "Innocence," "Me and You," and "Must Be The Feeling."  A lot of it reminds me of music I listened to over 20 years ago.

Good stuff. ;)

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