Sunday, July 22, 2012


When Jacob and I first got married we lived in Chickasha.  He was offered a job at UCO and we moved to the City.  We lived in a two bedroom apartment across the hall from two sweet old ladies. They were sisters and they were so funny together.  I remember taking Alex across the hall to visit them about once a week.  They loved him!

One day while I was there they started telling me about how they never saw each other when they were younger. "We have always been so close," One would say.  The other would then shake her head and raise her hand and say, "In spirit, that is.  NOT in distance."  The other would reply, "YES!"  (Did I mention that they were so funny!)  They went on to tell me that they lived in different states, far away from each other.  "We grew up being best friends and it was hard not seeing her."  They tried to see each other every two or  three years. "It wasn't until we were old and our children didn't want us living on our own that we were brought back together," One would say.  The other would say, "Yes, and now I don't get five minutes to myself because she is always here."  They would slap each other's legs and laugh.

Why am I sharing this? This story makes me think of my best friend.  We don't live in different states, but honestly, at times it feels like we live on different continents with a giant ocean separating us. My husband always talks about how women argue and fight and get mad at each other--I can't argue with that.  It's true.  We do.  We are just a bundle of emotions.  We get our feelings hurt and we can easily get mad at friends we love so much--but a best friend is like a sister . . . just llike these two elderly women I mentioned.  You might get mad but you still love them . . . and you get over it.  You talk about it and work it out and go on loving each other.  (Getting off topic . . .) I am missing my best friends these days.  It is what it is right now and we are doing the best we can to talk, email, text.

BUT--I have dreams of telling stories with her one day when we're old.  Of laughing and slapping each other and picking on each other.
To my Liv--as the saying goes, if it's meant to be it will be.  And, sister, I BELIEVE with all my heart that it's meant to be.  (Otherwise why would we feel the way we feel RIGHT now?  HUH? Yes, I'm asking!)

I want my best friend to know that I love her and miss her.  I want to thank her for putting forth all the effort it takes to have along distance relationship. I also want to thank her for sticking by me, like a sister, even when she wants to smack me!

You're not just my best friend, Liv, you're my sister.

And sisters are forever!

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  1. So one day we'll be close enough for me to smack ya when you need it? Lol! I do miss you! Love you much my sweet Emma girl!