Monday, February 21, 2011

A Special Day

Today has been an interesting day for me.  I went to bed last night thinking about my Grandpa Jack--today would have been his 87th birthday.  Logan will randomly say, "I love Great Grandpa Jack."  I am thankful that my boys were old enough to get to know him and to remember him.  He has been on my mind a lot today.  I called my mom to see how my grandma was doing and also to see how my mom, my aunts, and my uncle were doing.  They were all at El Palacio (one of my grandpa's favorite restaurants) eating lunch since today was my grandpa's birthday.  I liked that.  I think it's nice that he was a man that people want to remember--some one who had such a presence that people want to get together and celebrate on his birthday--even though he is not there to celebrate with them.  It is a day when I want to drink my coffee black because that is how he drank it.  It is a day when I want to eat something that I can put hot sauce on because my Grandpa Jack liked hot sauce.  It is a day when I want to go outside and toss the baseball around because he enjoyed baseball.  It is a day when I can remember him.  It is a day of mixed emotions for me, but February 21st will always be a special day.


  1. Well said. And if I wasn't 2 hours away, I would have been there throwing around a baseball and eating hot sauce with you. Can't do black coffee but I could do the rest! I love you.