Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 5

Today's challenge is to post a picture of your favorite memory.  One memory immediately came to mind.  I searched for a picture, knowing I had some somewhere, but realized that I only had prints and didn't have any digital prints saved to my computer.  I found the picture I was looking for in Alex's baby book and then noticed other pictures from that memory -- so I decided to include a sort of collage if you will.  The picture isn't the best, but I think you get the idea.

The second day we were at the hospital with Alex there was a moment where Jacob laid on his bed holding Alex.  You could tell he was so proud of his son -- especially after all that happened on Alex's first day of life.  He had so many issues when he was born.  When they finally brought him to the room we thought we were in the clear and everything would be okay.  People came and visited us all day -- we passed Alex around and it was just a great day.  Sometime in the late evening everyone left and it was just the three of us -- Jacob, me, and our precious baby boy.  Jacob would get up from time to time and look at Alex while he slept in his little bed.  He would rub his tiny hands.  He walked over to do this and said, "Shawna? He's blue."  He ran into the hall and shouted, "We need some one in here -- my baby is blue!"  Three or four nurses ran in, looked at him, and without saying anything to us quickly wheeled him out.  Jacob and I were left sitting there wondering what was going on -- why wasn't Alex breathing?  About 30 minutes later they brought him back to us.  We were so relieved!  Because of all that happened on that first day the memory of Jacob laying on his bed and holding Alex on his second day of life is one of my favorite memories.  It is also one of my favorite memories because Alex kept staring at Jacob -- he had this serious expression on his face as if he were sizing up his daddy.  It was the cutest and sweetest moment.


  1. That's a sweet/scary memory. Six years certainly do go by fast, yes?

  2. Look how tiny Alex was!! In April we will be welcoming in another sweet tiny baby boy!! Such a sweet collage!