Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 13

Cyndi Lauper, Blondie, Heart, The Cranberries, the list of bands/artists I like could go on and on.  I enjoy music.  Music is a form of art -- it could even be considered poetry (to music) in many cases. It can be fun and happy or beautiful and full of meaning. Today's challenge is to post a picture of your favorite band/artist.

Here is mine:

Tori Amos.  She is my all-time favorite singer.  I first discovered her in 1998 (yup, you guessed it -- COLLEGE!!) I loved that she sang alternative music and the center of all her songs was a piano.  The ballad-y songs seemed more beautiful and heart-felt because of the piano -- and harder, edgier, songs sounded really cool with the piano and drums. I was hooked. I ended up purchasing all of her CDs over a short amount of time and even discovered she was a lead singer of an 80s band called Y Kant Tori Read (who had some really good songs, I might add). I learned that she had a traumatic experience in her past and used her music to help cope with it.

While I was still in college I learned that she was going to be performing in a town nearby. I asked Jacob if he would go with me to see her.  I had NEVER seen her in concert and wanted to SO badly.  I didn't know if Jacob would go for it because, well, let's face it, her music doesn't sound like Megadeth, Judas Priest, or Iron Maiden.  He proved what a great guy he is by agreeing to take me to see her in concert. We went and I remember thinking how perfect it was.  I remember the next time we saw Jacob's mother she asked how the concert went.  I, very excitedly, said, "It was perfect.  Her dress was perfect, the music was perfect, she sounded perfect!"  She laughed.  She wasn't laughing at me (or maybe she was and I just didn't care), but I'm sure I seemed like a 12-year-old who had just been asked on stage by Joey of NKOTB or something. Ha. Honestly, though, while Jacob and I sat in the concert and I listened to her sing and play her piano I DO remember thinking, "this is perfect."  It was one of my favorite trips with Jacob and I'm so glad he agreed to go with me.

Some of my favorite Tori Amos songs are:

"Cornflake Girl"
"1000 Oceans"
"A Sorta Fairytale"
(This is only a few!)

 I have a great deal of respect for Tori Amos and her music -- she continues to be my all-time favorite artist.

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  1. You know, I'm not sure I've ever heard any of her music. I thought I had but now I'm just not sure....I must fix that, huh?