Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 18

Today I am supposed to post a picture of my biggest vice. This one is interesting to me because a vice is meant to indicate a habit that some may consider immoral or sinful.  Ooooh, sounds like this could be interesting, right? Well, don't get too excited because mine isn't that sinful or intriguing.

My biggest vice is coffee. 

There is something about a hot drink that just seems comforting.  There are so many different types and flavors of creamer -- you can make so many different combinations. I love the way coffee smells.  I don't know why I love the smell, but I do.  I love how when you pour that first cup and you lift it up to take that first sip you can feel the heat on your face.  When I want to celebrate I'll go get a flavored coffee or an iced coffee and when life gets stressful I think, "I'll have some coffee" or  "I deserve a cup of coffee."  The only negative side to my coffee drinking habit is the stains it leaves on my teeth. My dentist always makes comments about it when I go in for cleanings.  When my friends and I get together we get together for coffee.  We sit and drink coffee and talk about the things going on in our lives.  It's something I really enjoy -- and with two little boys running around the house the caffeine side of coffee isn't a bad idea, either. 

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