Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Challenge Day 3

Today's challenge is to post a picture of the cast of your favorite show.  This actually was a challenge, in a way.  It seemed easy, but ended up being a little tricky for me -- but I figured out a way to do it perfectly.  My first thought was, "Is this supposed to be my all time favorite show or my current favorite show?"  Then, as I thought about the two I realized that my all time favorite show and my current favorite show have a simlilarity -- that similarity sort of makes this challenge a bit more fun for me!

My ALL TIME favorite show is Gilmore Girls.  I could watch this show every day (over and over again) and never get bored with it. I have always loved New England and one of the things I love about Gilmore Girls is that it was filmed in New England.  It's so beautiful! The town of Stars Hollow is such an amazing little town -- when you're watching it you wish you lived in Stars Hollow. The characters are so likable that you wish they were real people -- and that they were your friends. Lorelai and her mother have a difficult relationship -- they try to make it work, but something always happens.  However, Lorelai's relationship with her own daughter, Rory, is nearly perfect.  They are best friends and get along so well that at times you forget that they are mother and daughter. Lorelai and Rory LOVE to drink coffee.  There is coffee drinking in every episode, which I can relate to! One very unrealistic thing about the show that I both love and hate, is that they eat fatty meals and junk food every day and they NEVER gain and ounce.  I love this because -- wow, what if that were true and we could eat  whatever we wanted and not have to worry about it being healthy.  I hate it because, well, obviously, it's not true.  So sad. LOL.  I could go on and on about this show, but I think you get the point.

And, very quickly, let me talk about my current favorite show. I had heard about a new show called  Parenthood but didn't think anything of it.  Jacob and I have a hard enough time keeping up with our shows and I didn't know how we could we possibly add another one.  I noticed people on Facebook and other places talking about how great it was -- and curiosity got the better of me. We added it to the DVR and watched it.  I watched it and I loved it.  I was pleasantly surprised that Lauren Graham, who I loved as Lorelai on Gilmore Girls, was one of the cast members in Parenthood.  I found that the son, Adam, and his family was a lot like our family.  Adam has a job that stresses him out and tends to make him feel miserable and overwhelmed sometimes.  It reminded my husband and me of his job.  The mom is a stay-at-home mom, which I can relate to, and their son, Max, has Asperger Syndrome and they go through their days trying to deal with it.  This hit close to home for me because I remember watching it and thinking, "Yes, I understand!" because we are trying to deal with all the things going on with our oldest son. It is just a show that I really enjoy and I can relate to it -- it serves as a reminder that we're not alone and other families are going through life the same way we are!

Oh, and thank you, Lauren Graham, for keeping me so entertained!  I appreciate it!

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  1. Two things you probably didn't know and may ruin things for you a bit.....Rory only drank coffee the first season, after that she has soda or tea in her coffee cup! And Lauren Graham is dating "Adam" from Parenthood......seems a little strange to me. And yes, when it comes to anyone from the cast of Gilmore Girls, I may just be your own personal fact person. I love both of these shows too!