Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rhythm Is A Dancer

Today has a been a productive day for me.  We opened all the windows in the house and turned on the fans because it's SO nice outside.  With a little help from Jacob I cleaned our bedroom and dusted and reorganized things.  We went outside to play catch for a while because today is too nice of a day to spend indoors!  We also played HORSE -- which was hilarious with two little boys.  While we were playing HORSE we had U-Verse on a radio channel that plays "old school hip hop and R&B" -- it reminded me of my preteen years.  I really enjoyed it!  So, because of that (and because it's such a beautiful day) I thought I'd post an old song I loved "back in the day" -- a song that is a lot of fun and also has great lyrics.   When I was looking for an old song to post for my music challenge today and came across this song I thought about my best friend.  She loves music -- lives on music, so the part of the song where the singer says, "Rhythm is a dancer, it's a soul's companion," is probably something she can really relate to.  Turn it up and have fun while you listen to it!  I am!

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  1. HAHA! I remember this from when I was in Junior High! Takes me back a little ways!