Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In This Life

Today I'm posting a song that reminds me of my husband.  Jacob and I were friends before we started dating.  I made it hard for people to get close to me when I first met Jacob and he proved he really wanted to get to know me.  He is one of the sweetest men I have ever met.  As a little girl and even as a teenager I thought about who I would marry.  I think most girls day dream about finding Prince Charming and living happily ever after.  I found my Prince Charming AND my happily ever after in Jacob.  Life isn't always perfect -- money can be tight, children get sick, a car breaks down -- any number of unexpected things can happen.  The fun in all of this is not having to deal with it alone.  Having some one there to go through it with you -- a partner.  Some one who encourages you when you need encouragement, some one who picks on you just to get a reaction out of you because they think you're "cute," some one to walk with you when life gets tough, and some one who always makes you feel beautiful, special, and loved. This song makes me think of Jacob.  The first time I heard it I thought of Jacob -- "You give me love, you give me light" and "I'm living and I'm believing that I was meant to be your girl." 
Delta Goodrem is a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice.  Once again, I'm including the lyrics as well as the video.  I hope you like it. 

In This Life by Delta Goodrem

I was nurtured I was sheltered
I was curious and young
I was searching for that something
Trying to find it on the run
Oh and just when I stopped looking
I saw just how far I'd come
In this life
In this life

You give me love
You give me light
Show me everything's been happening
You've opened up my eyes
I'm Following
Three steps fight an honest fight
Two hearts that can start a fire
One love is all I need
In this life

I have faltered I have stumbled
I have found my feet again
I've been angry I've been shaken
Found a new place to begin
My persistence to make a difference
Has led me safe into your hands
In this life
In this life


I was put here for a reason
I was born into this world
And I'm living and I'm believing
I was meant to be your girl
In this life


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