Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Fun of Plumbing

On a normal day Jacob would have been home by now and I would be starting dinner.  Normal is a word that hasn't been used often in our house these days.  I pulled the crock pot out this morning and made a huge pot of the Pioneer Woman's beans.  They have smelled so good all day.  I was going to make some of her corn bread to go with them.  This was my plan and everything was falling into place until the sink clogged up right at 3:20.  The garbage disposal burped and coughed and then the sink began to fill with water.  I tried the plunger -- it didn't work.  I took the boys to the store after I picked up Alex from school and bought two containers of Drain-O -- one for each sink in the kitchen.  I waited 15 minutes like it told me to -- Nothing.  I can't wash dishes and I can't use my dishwasher.  So, to prevent dirtying anymore dishes Jacob volunteered to get dinner.  The annoying problem has been announced and we're hoping to be graced by the presence of a plumber tomorrow who can fix this problem. 

As always -- I'll keep you posted. ;) 

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  1. Good grief! Nothing slows down a household like clogged plumbing. Hope the plumber comes today.