Thursday, March 10, 2011

One Of Those Days

I have been home today with a sick 4-year-old boy.  He woke us up early this morning because he was sick.  He went back to sleep for a couple of hours and when he woke up he seemed fine.  He said he felt fine and he was running and playing with his big brother.  I kept him home just in case and I'm glad I did.  He has spent the entire day laying in the living room watching TV.  For those of you who know Logan you know that he just doesn't lay around all day watching TV.  This is a boy who lives in his own little world and spends most of his time in the play room.  Yesterday he was playing with the Bat cave and I heard him singing Happy Birthday.  I asked what he was doing and he said, "It's Robin's birthday.  Batman and  Joker are giving him a party." 

He hasn't gotten sick again but is running a low grade fever.  He watched a Charlie and Lola DVD -- Charlie and Lola are a favorite in our house.  We have books we read over and over again -- Lola reminds me of Logan and Alex always points out that he is the big brother, just like Charlie.  When the video was over I read a book to Logan.  The boys have their own little library in the play room.   I was looking through the books trying to decide which one to read when I saw a book Alex received for Christmas from his grandparents called "One of Those Days."   I quickly grabbed the book from the shelf and thought, "this is perfect!" In the book "those days" are the different types of bad days a child can have.  Being sick is "one of those days."  We finished the book and Logan said, "Again," so we read it again.  "Again," Logan said.  Logan loved that, today, he could relate to the book.  We read it two more times and then I needed to check on the laundry.  I covered Logan with a blanket and told him to rest. 

Reading to the boys before bedtime is one of my favorite things to do.  Reading to the boys and closing the book when the story ends and hearing, "Again," is a great feeling. I'm glad my boys enjoy books and stories as much as I do.  I'm glad I am able to sit with them when they are sick and rub their backs or love on them, watch movies with them and read books to them. 

And the greatest feeling of all, is the morning you get up and they are fever-free and back to their active selves after having "one of those days."

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  1. Makes me sad to see him all sick and not bubbly little Logan! I'm glad he's feeling better though!