Thursday, April 24, 2014


We live in a fast-paced world.  There are times when I just can't seem to stay caught up with all that needs to be done.  Every once in a while I wish I had a few more hours in the day because I just didn't get everything done that I wanted.  There are days that go perfectly.  You wake up and the sun is shining through your window.  You start singing like Snow White and birds gather on the window sill to sing with you.  Your children are happy and are listening and doing what is expected of them.  Things just seem to fall into place.

Let's be realistic for a minute. These "perfect" days are very rare.  Most mornings we stumble out of bed in an exhausted haze.  The house is a mess, the laundry is piled up, kids are fighting, and shoes are missing.  We discover that we're out of milk, the toddler doesn't want to leave your side and you find yourself tripping over her as she screams at your feet.  You go to pour more coffee into your mug only to discover the pot is empty (so sad).You pack lunches, tell your kids (for the third time) to brush their teeth.  "You can't find the shoe?  It didn't just walk away!  Look again! It HAS to be somewhere!"  It always turns up in the most random places.  "Hey, mom!  I found it!  It was in the shower."  Umm . . . okay.  We race out the door and get the kids where they need to be and feel a sense of accomplishment when they are dressed, fed and at school on time!

Every family is different.  We live on one income and budgeting is a must.  Money always seems to be tight, but we have what we need and are thankful for that.  It allows me to take the kids to specialists, to be home with them after surgeries or tests and to take Alex to and from therapies.   Our family consists of three children with a bone disease who require surgeries and specialists.  It also consists of a special needs child whose schedule of therapies and specialists keeps me busy.  Sometimes budgeting makes me want to pull out my hair.  Does any one else feel their stress level go up when they look at the shopping list?  Do you feel a panic attack coming on as you watch your husband add to the list?  Well, okay, maybe that is a little extreme, but (in my best little girl voice) budgeting is no fun!

Some moms have to come home after a long day at work and do laundry and get kids to practice or games.  You have to help with that school project and take a sick child to the doctor.  No matter your schedule or your family's routine, we ALL run ourselves ragged doing what needs to be done to make sure everything in our house--in our family--is running as smoothly as we can possibly make it run.

The sun doesn't peacefully shine through the window.  It blinds you, hurting your eyes and causing you to stumble around, stubbing your toe on the dresser and banging your elbow on the door frame.  The birds don't sit on the window sill and sing.  Instead they're outside pooping on your vehicle. "Dude, I bet you can't hit the door handle!" You run around like a crazy person making sure these little people who have been given to you are where they need to be and have everything they need in order to be healthy and happy.  Sometimes we forget about making ourselves healthy and happy.  Sometimes we have days where we wonder if what we're doing really even matters.  Let me just remind you that it does.

Look at your children.  They have everything they need.  Who makes sure they have everything they need?  YOU!  Look at their smiles!  They're healthy and happy.  You had something to do with that, you know.  You may not realize it but your kids DO notice all you do for them.  My two boys have started coming to me with hugs, telling me they love me and thanking me for doing things for them.  It is the greatest form of payment and the sweetest reminder that even though most days are chaotic and crazy, my family DOES notice all I do for them.  Not only that, but what I'm doing actually matters.

You ARE supermom!  Wear your cape proudly.  Just be careful in high winds--the capes tend to attack when the wind gets up.  It's not pretty.  (Edna in The Incredibles knew what she was talking about when she said, "No capes!"  It's not just for entertainment, you know . . . it's also about life lessons.)  You're doing a great job.  I think, sometimes, we all need to be reminded of this.  So, here's a friendly reminder.  You ARE doing a great job!  You ARE a supermom!

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