Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Find Your Happy Place!

Yesterday I received a message from a person I haven't spoken to in years.  This person messaged me only to tell me that I post a lot of pictures of my children and that I talk about them a lot. (Has he ever met a parent before?)  After stating the obvious he ended with, "Don't you have anything else in your life worth talking about?"  Let me just answer with "Yes."  There are other things in my life I could talk about, but for me, facebook is a way to share stories about my gremlins and pictures of them for friends and family who live in other parts of the state . . . or country.  Here is the thing . . . I am happy with my life.  I am happy with my husband, happy with my children, happy with my place in life . . . happiness is something that a lot of people should try. Some one once told me that happiness is a choice--we can dwell on all the bad things happening and be miserable or we can focus on the positive and be happy.  So many people on facebook focus on the negative.  They post nothing but negativity day after day after day. If I am "forced" to look at your negative and sometimes even insane comments on a daily basis then why can't you stomach pictures of happy kids and positive statuses?

Saying I'm a stay-at-home mom gets such a negative reaction sometimes and people think I don't have a life because my family is my life. The truth is, I love spending time with Jacob and my gremlins . . . we all enjoy doing things as a family. I love my kids and I love spending time with them. As for me talking about them too much . . . let me just share something with you.  All three of my gremlins have a bone disease called Osteochondromatosis.  Alex and Logan have already had surgeries.  We know Logan will need more and Alex may need more as well as either surgery or braces on his legs . . . that is yet to be determined.  Kaitlyn is scheduled for surgery in about a month. They have doctors appointments with bone specialists.  Alex also has Verbal Apraxia, Oral Apraxia and Limb Apraxia.  He requires a lot of extra help and therapies at school and receives speech therapy and occupational therapy outside of school.  Between doctors appointments, therapies, surgeries and recovery, it is literally my life.  And, it's a life I love.  These kids never complain about any of their medical issues.  They are happy kids, positive kids, loving kids . . . they are truly amazing and I am blessed to get to call myself their mother. They inspire me each and every day. I am so proud of these three gremlins. I have a lot to talk about! Most parents want to talk about their children. Yes, I do post a lot about them but I kind of like them . . . you know . . . just a little. ;)

In a world filled with negativity, bad attitudes, and sadness we try to focus on all the good things, the positive things.  We have so much to be thankful for and so little to complain about.  Some people complain about anything and everything . . . that's not me or my family.  I will continue to brag about my gremlins, to post pictures of their cute, smiling faces, and share stories and should some one find all the happiness overwhelming and offensive . . . well, let me just say that I feel bad for you. I hope that some day you can find the happiness that is so obviously missing from your life, but until then, avoid my facebook page because it will be covered in smiling gremlins, statuses filled with stories about said gremlins and a lot of positive posts.  ;)  (Now, we're not talking about Alec Baldwin's character on Friends where he is so happy about every little thing, but seriously, how many people do you know who are the opposite of that and NOTHING good ever happens.  Well, good things DO happen but they're too busy focusing on the little pieces of negative to notice. It's time to find your happy place, people!)

Let me help get you started with a picture of HAPPY CHILDREN!  ;)

Have a super duper day!

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