Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hey Mom!!

I walked into the living room this morning (after my husband let me sleep in) and my sons yelled, "Mom!" and Logan said, "Mom's up!"  Kaitlyn got excited when she saw me and started wiggling.  Yup, that really made me feel special. Logan later came up to me, hugged me, and said, "You know how I know you're the best mom ever?"  I said, "How?"  He said, "Because you're Kaitlyn's favorite person.  She's just a baby so it means you're a good mom since she likes you so much!"

The weekend has been all about me--which I have to admit, I like.  Jacob started by giving me an early mother's day gift and then yesterday we had a full day of spending time together as a family and going to eat lunch in honor of Mother's Day. This morning I got to sleep in, I awoke to a nice big cup of coffee just waiting for me, and received more gifts, including a beautiful rose from my husband.  I usually make breakfast for my family on the weekends but this morning we ran to McDonalds for breakfast so I wouldn't have to cook and then clean up a big mess afterward.  (I don't mind the cooking part but could do without the cleaning part, so this idea was fine with me!)

A wise person once told me that anyone can be a mom, but it takes a special woman to be a GREAT mom.  I know a lot of great moms. Being a mom isn't easy. We spend so much time putting others before ourselves and making sure our families have everything they need.  It is nice to have a day where my family makes sure I feel special.  So, to all of you great moms out there, I hope you are having a very special day and being treated as wonderful as you are!

Happy Mother's Day!

These are some pictures that illustrate why I love being a mom!

This was right before Alex's surgery in early January.  As you can see I was so tired and Alex wasn't phased in the least.  He is just an awesome kid!

Logan as Bumblebee--he was walking around shooting darts.  They eventually played outside and lost a dart on the roof.

Kaitlyn bouncing--look at that ornery expression. She is so funny!

These 3 are my life and I consider myself blessed to be able to call myself THEIR mother!!

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