Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Perfect Mom

Is there such a thing as a perfect mother/wife?

I take Alex to therapy twice a week after school.  On Mondays there is this mom there with some of her children who always makes me think of June Cleaver. She always has perfect hair, high heels, cute and stylish clothes and jewelry, and her lip stick is not only ALWAYS on, but it's always straight and perfect.  She home schools her children and she and her husband have a few foster children living with them as well as their own children.  She is one of those women that other women glare at because that little thing known as jealousy tends to rear it's ugly head from time to time.  The only thing is, this woman is sweet and friendly and not rude or snobbish at all.  And let me tell you, she has every right to be rude and snobbish. LOL  I have days where I do well to wear more than jeans and a T-shirt to get the boys to school on time.  I would be sitting in the waiting room waiting on Alex and she would be talking to me and going on and on about how adorable Kaitlyn is and I would be thinking, "How on earth do you do it?"  Yesterday a bunch of the moms were reading The Hunger Games and we were all talking about it.  She smiled and said, "It is on my list of books to read.  Hopefully I'll get to it soon."  She went on to talk about how she is lucky to get any amount of sleep at night and she doesn't have time to clean her house or do the things that other house wives do so she has some one come in twice a week to clean and do laundry.

My mom will be the first to tell you that I am not a girly girl.  I don't like heels and if I don't have time to put on my make up then it just doesn't go on.  I mean it IS the face God gave me and if it is THAT scary it must be for a reason.  We all strive to be the best mom we can be for our children and the best wives we can be for our husbands.  No family is alike--my children are different from other children.  Alex has his issues while other families have a child with different issues. We all do the best we can for our families and you know what . . . none of us are perfect.  The perfect mom doesn't exist.

This doesn't mean we can't all be GREAT moms, though.  Heels, tennis shoes, make up or no make up--in the end none of it matters.  What matters is being the best mom you can be to your children--and THAT puts us one step closer to being the perfect mom!

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