Thursday, July 14, 2011

When It Rains It Pours

. . . and then the flood comes and you better grab a manual on how to build an ark super fast!

This week we didn't have our manual. LOL

This week has been one that Jacob and I will not only be happy to see behind us but also one we hope to forget once its over.  It has been one thing after another--days filled with worry and stress and long nights filled with sleeplessness because of worry and stress.

The boys and I were driving home Tuesday afternoon after meeting my best friend for lunch when out of the blue the car started acting up.  It was hot, a storm was coming, and I had my pregnant self and my two kiddos in the car--I did NOT want to get stuck on the side of I-44.  As I was losing speed I took the first exit we came to and luckily there was an insurance building and a parking lot right off the exit.  We parked in the parking lot and I called Jacob to let him know what was going on.  I then called AAA to come and get us.  I was talking to AAA as it thundered and lightninged and the boys were telling me they were scared because of the storm.  We finally got all the information to her and hurried inside the insurance office as the wind picked up and the first storm came through.  The people in the insurance office were not friendly and acted like they didn't want us in there, but I wasn't going to sit in my car in a storm when an air conditioned (and safer) building was right there.  So, we waited over an hour for the tow truck.  He showed up about the time the second storm came through.  It started raining as he hooked up my car and the boys and I hopped in the tow truck. We ended up going 35 on the interstate because it was raining so hard.  Logan was asking the driver about his truck, showing the driver his stick on tattoos, and loving every minute of it.  We stopped to get gas and the driver asked if we wanted anything.  Alex and I immediately said, "No thank you."  Logan (of course) requested chocolate milk--which the driver got for him.

We finally made it to the "car doctor" as the boys call it and Jacob picked us up.  That day was spent waiting on the tow truck and waiting to get home. 

The next day was spent waiting on the auto repair place to call us and tell us what was going on and how much it was going to cost to fix.  At this point we had already spent $700, including the $66 it cost for the tow truck, on the car in less than two months.  I was feeling stressed but trying very hard not to get upset until we heard what was going on.  Waiting is a very stressful process.
Jacob finally called and said the head gasket on the car had busted and it would cost $1800 to fix. I wanted to laugh and then I wanted to cry.  By this point I was done with this car.  It was old and had a lot of miles on it and I no longer trusted it or wanted to bother driving it anymore. In the back of my mind I knew something else would just break and this cycle would continue.
So, the stress level rose, the pregnancy hormones kicked in, and I felt overwhelmed.  I started emailing dealerships to see what our options are.  I quickly learned that the amount we could afford to pay each month on a vehicle would only get us another vehicle with over 100,000 miles on it IF it got us a vehicle at all. Our only other vehicle is the one Jacob drives to work.  It is16 years old, has no air conditioner right now, and the driver's side door won't open from the inside.  I'm sure there are other issues with it that I don't know about--quite frankly I'm fine with not knowing at this point.We went and picked up the car yesterday evening, spending ANOTHER $53 to get new spark plugs put in it so it MIGHT make it home. It did make it home,  but that was a stressful drive--with Logan in the backseat talking about flies and the color white.  I was glad he was with me--in Logan land its always a happy place. LOL

Today has been another day of waiting, worrying, and stressing.  We thought the problem was sorted out and then I filled out the loan application online and was sent an email stating it needed further review.  Great--more waiting.  I have had to cancel all of Alex's therapy sessions this week because we have no car to get him there.  I had to cancel last week because the car was in the shop for other things. We have been stuck in the house for two days and the boys are fighting and whining--it has been crazy. There are days when I wonder if life is always going to be this way.  We are in our 30s now, with two boys and a daughter on the way, and we are still struggling to get by it seems. Once we get over this vehicle hurdle life should go back to normal--but until then it has been impossible to relax, to sleep, and to NOT worry and stress.

Let's hope next week is a boring one! LOL

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