Monday, July 11, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer

Everyone is so busy these days.  I'm sure we can all appreciate a lazy day.  A day when nothing is on the calendar, its hot outside, and its nice to just stay indoors with the cool air and do something you enjoy--something you don't get to do often.  Yesterday I spent a lot of time reading, which was really nice.  I finished a book I had been reading for a while (funny how its hard to find time to read when you have little boys running around) entitled Dead Until Dawn by Charlaine Harris.  It was recommended to me by a friend and I have to admit that I did enjoy it.  I even started reading a new book, Bossypants  by Tina Fey--which I am really enjoying. 
Jacob and I watch old episodes of 30 Rock every night and its hilarious--this book is just as hilarious.  I have just started it but am looking forward to reading more of it--and getting involved in it if the little ones I live with allow it.

It is so hot outside that we do most of our venturing outdoors in the morning.  By 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. it already seems too hot and we come back inside. The boys play with their toys, board games, puzzles, Play-doh, Tag readers, and we even watch movies.  We stay inside and appreciate our air conditioner. I love when the weekends roll around and we have an entire afternoon with nothing planned--the boys play and Jacob and I sit with our Kindles and read.  I have to admit that I have become pretty spoiled to my Kindle.

Today has been another day with nothing on the calendar. I've done some laundry, the boys watched Iron Man, and played with the Bat Cave.  I have been cleaning the kitchen and put together the ingredients for crock pot lasagna for dinner tonight.
I have made this before and all of my guys liked it. It is super easy to make and it nearly cooks itself.  The great thing is we will get two meals out of this, which is always a plus!

I hope you all are cooking fun things and enjoying your air conditioner when you get a chance by watching a good movie or reading a good book.  Before we know it summer will be over and school will be starting--until then, let's enjoy things as much as we can!!

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