Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Situation Comedy, Anyone?

It occurred to me this week that our life could be a sit-com.  The television show The Middle comes to mind.  There was an episode where the mother buys some make-up thinking its $20 and discovers later it was $200.  She and her husband both have to get jobs to help pay for the make-up. There are so many sit-coms where families live in big, nice homes and drive new cars.  I can't relate to that.  I can relate to the family who gets excited about finding a $5 coupon for pizza, who accidentally spends $200 and wipes out their bank account, who lives in a normal house, gets frustrated with their children, and some times struggles to make ends meet.

This past week has been a stressful one for us--and I told Jacob it was like we were trapped in a sit-com.
It started when some one took our trash cart. We learned that they thought it was an extra one and didn't realize we paid extra each month to have a second trash cart.  Jacob pointed out that even if it was an extra cart we were obviously using it. It was returned to us full of trash, pizza boxes, and beer cans.  Jacob walked in laughing after it was returned.  I said, "What?" He said, "Guess what's back?"  I said, "The trash cart?"  He said, "Yes, and its full of trash so I now get to drag some one else's trash to the curb."  We have been working on the baby's room and it would have been nice to have our cart to put trash in, but since it is full things are sitting in the baby's room--waiting. They stare at us and mock us as we walk by--I even heard laughter once, I think. 

We tried to get sliders at Home Plate Sliders for lunch.  We called the order in so we could just pick it up and bring it home--knowing they would be busy since it was lunch time. The woman on the phone said they would be ready in 15 minutes--so we gave them 25.  When we got there we waited another 15 minutes, at least, because, for some reason, our order confused the the cash register.  The woman finally handed me our food and one cup (we had paid for 4 drinks--there ARE 4 of us).  I said, "We paid for 4 drinks."  She looked at the order, sighed, and handed me 3 more cups. We got in the car and Jacob said, "What was the point of calling the order in?"  By the time we got our food home (after all of that) it was all cold and my slider was pink in the middle.  Hang your head and cue Charlie Brown music! LOL

We went to Jacob's grandmother's for a get together with his family and once there, the car wouldn't start. When we finally got it started we brought it home and discovered it was hissing and spewing coolant.  We tried to take it to the machanic on the 4th and just leave it there but the parking lot was full because of a parade.  Again, we laughed.  You know the laugh--the stress-filled, "If I didn't laugh I'd cry" laugh.  Yeah, that one. We brought the car back home and took it back yesterday morning. Later Jacob was informed that the car was starting fine and they don't know why it wouldn't start at his grandmother's.  There were other problems they had to fix, which made me laugh. We spent $360 exactly a month ago getting the brakes fixed and having a  couple of other things done on the car.  Now we are spending another $230 to have things fixed.  I told Jacob that we have spent nearly $600 on this car in a month's time. Yes, this makes me laugh.

It is funny how you try to manage money and make plans and things happen that force you to change your plans. We are having to put off buying a baby bed because of the car issue and I was going to buy the boys' tennis shoes, back packs, and lunch bags with this paycheck and save school supplies for the next paycheck since the boys' supply lists are frighteningly long, but plans have once again been changed.

These things are all inconveniences--nothing major.  I know things will fall into place and everything will work out, but until then--the sit-com continues! I've been looking for the camera crew, but they are hiding really well.  LOL

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