Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Getting Caught Up! (Feet/Hands)

Guess what??  I'm behind again.  About two weeks behind to be exact.  So, I'm going to do the past two week's blogs to get caught up. 

The first challenge (in this line up) that I missed was "feet."  So, here is the picture I chose.
I bet you can't guess who these feet belong to!  Ha.  Two pairs of little boy feet.  This was taken last week when we let the boys stay up late--we sat outside and the boys tried to catch lightning bugs.  It was a fun evening.  These two pairs of feet are going to do great things some day!!

Last week's challenge was hands.  This was a little harder. I looked through so many pictures trying to think of one I could use when I came across this picture--one I had forgotten about. This is a picture of hands doing big things!
This is a picture of Alex buttoning up his shirt for the very first time.  I remember this day.  He still struggles with tasks like this and it takes him twice as long to do them as other kids, but he sticks with it.  These hands go to OT to help them work together better and to help them do things easier.  I am proud of these little hands AND the big boy they belong to!

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