Monday, May 16, 2011


Once again I'm behind on the blog challenge.  LAST week's challenge was to blog about food.  So, here is my food choice for this blog. :) 

This is a small container of ice cream that Jacob bought for me one day last week.  We have been keeping ice cream in the freezer on a regular basis these days.  Foods smell and taste funny to me right now.  Ice cream, however, still tastes like ice cream so I've been eating a lot of it lately.  I don't think I have ever appreciated ice cream (other than the home made Butterfinger ice cream my grandparents used to make at the lake when I was little and we'd go camping) as much as I do now. 

So, here's to ice cream and to possibly trying every flavor available!  Ha.

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  1. I think that you should try every flavor! There is one by Ben & Jerry's (I think that's right) that is called "One Cheesecake Brownie"....OMG so good! I love all of the crazy flavors they have! Cake Batter by them is good too!