Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What If You Could Live In Your Bathtub?

It is funny how we grow and change over the years.  I recently came across some writing assignments I did for a creative writing course I took while in college. As I read some of the short stories and other pieces that I wrote for some of my classes I couldn't help but feel embarrassed, laugh and shake my head.  On a couple of them I actually thought, "This is so horrible!"  It happens.  Hopefully my writing is no longer "So horrible."  It is nice, however, to see that I have grown and mistakes I made back then (stupid mistakes) are no longer being made.

I came across one assignment that I did for a college course that is so ridiculous that it made me laugh.  The image of people living in their bathtubs, putting accessories on tubs as if they were cars to make them lazier, just made me laugh.  I thought I'd share it with you:

                       What If . . . You Could Live In Your Bathtub

    It has been said that many people prefer their bathtub as a place to relax. Some would live in their bathtubs if given the opportunity.  What if you could live in your bathtub? Instead of relaxing only when you found the time, you could relax permanently, and maybe go down in history as the laziest person alive.  As long as the bathtub brings happiness, who cares, right?
    The major problem with living in your bathtub is location. No one wants to spend too much time in the bathroom (for obvious reasons). The answer to this problem is wheels.  Wheels would allow you to move freely around your house and enjoy the comfort of your bathtub. How would you move it, though? A remote controlled device with a motor could be installed so you could get from point A to point B smoothly.
    Some extensions will need to be added to the bathtub.  They would allow you to lift and lower the tub in order to reach counters, cabinets, shelves, etc. This would allow you to do the laundry, cook dinner and perform other tasks without leaving the comfort of your bathtub. Think about how great it would be!  You could have as many relaxing bubble baths as you want and still manage to get things accomplished.  What a life!
    The bathtub won't make the most comfortable bed, though. Remember, the goal is to live in your bathtub. This means you will be sleeping in it as well. In order to make the tub comfortable enough for sleeping simply have the tub padded with some soft, waterproof padding in the color of your choice. Pillows could be added as well. This not only adds comfort, but style. Throw in a cup holder and a tray that can be brought up when eating or writing and you will have one swell living space.
    Once a "home tub" is discovered, its owner will never want to leave it. Eventually, they will have to leave the house. What to do then?  Place the tub's motor in turbo mode (bet you're glad you invested in that motor and remote control system) and it will work as well as any vehicle.  It would, however, require that mirrors, lights, a horn, and brakes were installed as well.  A cover of some sort might also be a good investment. You never know when it's going to rain.
   Not only can your tub now get you to and from the grocery store, but it's big enough to serve as your shopping cart. Do you like to fish?  Well, then, make that tub float and take yourself fishing.  There is no limit to what the tub can do.  A final thought, though, and probably the most important one: How would you go to the bathroom while living in your bathtub?
     You're on your own with that one!

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