Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cherish Time

It's currently snowing outside. A scene that brings joy and excitement around Christmastime, but now, in early March, merely brings sighs and a longing for bright, warm Spring days.  We mumble and groan in disapproval, staring out at the gloomy sky from inside our warm homes.  Thick, white flakes of snow drift quickly to the cold ground, covering everything in a frozen powder. 

We missed church again this morning because the two youngest gremlins are not 100% well quite yet.  Kaitlyn was running fever again yesterday, has a horrible cough, is weezy and congested (hello, nebulizer!) and Logan sounds terrible and still complains of a sore throat.  The mom in me didn't have the heart to drag them out in the freezing cold sleet and snow, spreading their germs in the process. 

So, here we all are, like every other family, trying to make the best of it.  Jacob and I grabbed the New Orleans cook book and found a recipe for Chicken and Red Bean Gumbo that we plan to try for dinner. We have also taken advantage of this situation and spent time together as a family.  We stay so busy with the gremlins' schedules, not to mention our own, that sometimes it's nice to just sit and spend time together. 

It doesn't seem like that long ago Alex was a baby.  He is now 9, Logan is 7 and Kaitlyn is 2.  How did that happen?  How did time slip past us so quickly?  One day I will wake up, walk to the bathroom and see an old woman staring back at me from the mirror.  I hope that when I see her she smiles at me, happy with the life she has led--I hope she leaves a positive mark. As for today, I am thankful for freezing temperatures and icy conditions that keep us all inside, spending time together.  I enjoy listening to my children talk about their interests, their dreams.  Alex's dream of becoming a police officer one day in hopes of helping people.  Logan's dream of becoming a scientist in hopes of doing good and changing the world! Watching Kaitlyn walk around in Princess shoes, wearing a belt as a hat, carrying a little purse and wearing 20 different bracelets. "Look, mama.  Is pretty!"  

It is ALL pretty! Cherish every minute of it.

We are spending a lot of time here today--dining room table and living room.  This mom is loving every minute of it! 

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