Sunday, October 16, 2011

Enjoying Autumn

Like most families we look forward to the weekends.  We always try to do fun things with the boys on the weekends--they will only be this age for a little while and we want to enjoy every minute of it.  Friday evening we went to McDonalds for dinner.  They have been advertising the Halloween pails that the happy meals come in and the boys were excited about getting them.  They got the Jack-o-lantern pails and put the face stickers on them--they were surprised to discover that the stickers glow in the dark.

Saturday morning we got up and I made breakfast toaster sandwiches and then we cleaned.  The boys cleaned their room and Jacob and I cleaned the rest of the house. The house was a mess and it needed to be cleaned--it was nice to have Jacob's help.  We hung out with my cousin, Matt, and I tried a new recipe which was a BIG hit--mini shepherds pies.
Alex loved these--which means we will be having these more often!
The boys watched Matt and Jacob play a card game and we watched the Rangers game.  The boys got to stay up late, which is really cool when you're little.

We bought a hay bale and sat it near the porch with a scare crow and some pumpkins.  The boys helped Jacob make two Jack-o-lanterns.  It turned out really nice!

I made Pumpkin spice pancakes and bacon for breakfast and now we are just relaxing and enjoying a clean house! LOL  We have plans to use our hot dog cooker to cook some hot dogs for dinner later. It has been a fun weekend and I am excited to try a few more new recipes for dinner this week.  We actually have a busy week coming up--Logan gets to dress up as a book character this week (there will be pictures) and the boys' school fall parties are this week.

This is a busy, but fun time of year--and we are trying to enjoy every minute of it. ;)

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