Friday, April 22, 2011


This week's challenge is to post pictures of animals.  We don't have pets, but this was easy for me thanks to a certain 4-year-old boy.  We always say that Logan lives in his own little world.  So for today's post I am going to post pictures of monkeys. 

Why monkeys?  Well, apparently Oklahoma has jungles and in these jungles there are monkeys.  These monkeys play games and steal food from people's picnics (because people apparently picnic in the jungles of Oklahoma).  This information was given to me by my 4-year-old son.  His class did an art project in which they colored cowboys and on the cowboy's hat it said, "I'm proud to be an Okie because . . . " and the children told their teachers why they were proud to be an Okie.  Logan told his teacher he was proud to be an Okie because he liked the monkeys.  Logan later told me that he didn't know what an Okie was.  He said, "I was going to tell my teacher that I'm not an Okie.  I'm a boy and my name is Logan."  He said other kids were answering the question so he just went along with it and thought of monkeys.  It was one of Logan's stories that I really enjoyed so, since today's theme was animals I thought I'd share this fun "Logan story" with you all!  Just remember to guard your picnic baskets if you stumble across a jungle in Oklahoma. ;) 


  1. Okie, monkey -- sounds a lot a like! That's a really cute story. Logan has the greatest imagination.