Thursday, March 12, 2015

Positive 10

I was challenged (more like dared) by a sweet friend to post 10 positive things about myself.

10 seems like a lot.

The funny thing is, it only seems like a lot in reference to myself.  I could easily list far more than 10 positive things about my friends.

This seems like it might actually be a good thing, so in the spirit of positiveness (and fun), I'm going to just toss it out there!

After a lot of thought, here are the 10 positive things I see in/about myself:

1.  I'm strong.  (I feel far from it most days, but I wouldn't be where I am today if I were weak.)

2.  I have a heart for encouraging others and building them up.

3.  I find it difficult to mistreat or hurt others, even if it means hurting myself.  (Maybe I should say I tend to put other's feelings before my own!)

4. I'm a good mother!  (I have proof!  My gremlins tell me this daily, so it must be true . . . right?)

5. I can write a story that will keep your attention.  (Hey, not everyone can say that.)

6. I have naturally curly hair.  Be jealous!  Ha.  Most days I HATE it, but people pay money for curls, so I'll take it!

7.  I listen to what people tell me (especially if it's about me) and I actually think about it, it doesn't just go in one ear and out the other.  

8.  I'm small enough to ride on things with Kaitlyn and play with my kids at bouncy houses instead of sitting on a bench and watching.  That's a pretty cool thing.  (Sometimes it pays to be little! LOL)

9.  I have learned to find the bright spots in any situation.

10.  Life isn't always easy, but I'm still standing.

That wasn't the easiest task to master, but I did it.  Take a minute to think about what is positive about yourself.  We all have a little bit of awesomeness in us (that's why those who love us CHOOSE to love us!)

Some days it's just nice to see ourselves the way others do.  Trust me -- it's a cool thing!

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