Thursday, October 10, 2013

Signs Of Happy

This is me. A woman in her mid 30s who is HAPPY with her life.  Once upon a time I would look at pictures of myself and pick myself apart. Why?
I made a comment about the wrinkles around my eyes and Logan said, "Those are smile lines because I see them when you're smiling and you're always smiling!  Grumpy people don't have those.  I'd rather be happy and have a few signs of happy on my face than be grumpy and never smile."  Have I mentioned that I love this kid?  As women we all have days where we look in the mirror and pick ourselves apart.  We see nothing we like . . . nothing good.  My best friend always says she wishes I could see myself the way she sees me.  I am a grown woman with freckles, some gray in my hair, and some wrinkles.  And you know, I'm okay with all that.  I agree with my big-hearted little guy . . . it IS better to be happy and have signs of happy on your face.  And, I have to say that I love that he said I am always smiling.  What an amazing compliment to receive--especially from a 7-year-old boy! Now when I look at myself I have one more positive thing to say about my face--signs of happy. ;)

And why shouldn't we ALL have signs of happy???

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