Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Photo

I wanted to take a picture of all three of my children wearing red and sitting in front of the Christmas tree to put on our Christmas card this year.  I put sweaters on the boys and Kaitlyn had a cute little red velvet dress and some red tights she got to wear.  The boys kept smiling and Kaitlyn would cry, scream, or make a face.  She kept giving me these looks like she was more than annoyed with what I was doing.  I kept saying, "I just need one good picture!"  The boys would smile and I'd say, "Let's try it again."  They would moan and sigh.  Aww . . . 'tis the season!  Photos have become more challenging now that there are three children in the picture instead of two.  The boys will look down at Kaitlyn instead of of the camera, one of them will have their eyes closed, Kaitlyn will be crying or screaming or wiggling around, her dress riding up nearly covering her face.  I was determined to get one good picture of them--eventually, I did.   Christmas cards are made and now I just need to send them out.  Christmas card photos are always so funny.  The children are smiling and look so happy when in reality they just wanted to be finished with the photo so they could go play.  I'm holding the camera and saying, "Okay, guys, look at me.  No, look at me!"

I remember taking photos for my mom's Christmas card growing up and by the time we finished we would all be mad at each other.  Our experience with this year's Christmas card wasn't anywhere near that bad but the boys had other things they wanted to do.  They were good sports about it and Kaitlyn was patient and cooperative for the most part.  Now we can wish everyone a Merry Christmas with our children's bright and smiling faces.

Brothers and best friends--looking handsome for the picture!

Kaitlyn all dressed up.  She was a good sport about it and she looked so pretty!

Another Christmas card out of the way!

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